Create Your Own Dishes

Choose from :

A. Special (Combination of king prawn, chicken, beef & roast pork) £5.90
B. King Prawn £5.90
C. Chicken £5.20
D. Beef £5.20
E. Roast Pork £5.20
F. Roast Duck £5.90
G. Vegetarian Chicken (V) £4.80
H. Vegetarian Duck (V) £4.80


Then mix with: 

* Mushroom

Onions, carrots & mushroom in savoury sauce

* Green Pepper & Black Bean Sauce

Slightly spicy with garlic, chilli and black bean

* Hong Kong Chilli Garlic Sauce

Onions, green pepper & chilli garlic sauce with strong spicy flavour

* Ginger & Spring Onion

Savoury sauce with a intense hint of ginger

* Cashew Nuts

Bamboo shoots, carrots, onions and cashew nut in savoury sauce

* Pinapple
* Kung Po

Sweet & spicy garlic sauce with cashew nuts

* Szechuan Style

A spicy sweet dish with a hint of garlic

* Satay Sauce

Onions, green pepper, carrots, bamboo shoots & savoury sauce with strong peanut taste

* Peking Style

A very rich fruity sweet & sour sauce with a unique barbecue taste

* Oyster Sauce

Smooth seafood taste

* Yellow Bean Sauce with Cashew Nuts
* Thai Sweet Chilli & Garlic Sauce

Cooked with pinapple, onions and green pepper in a garlic sweet chilli sauce

* Chop Suey

Stir fried beansprouts with sweet & sour savoury sauce

* Egg Foo Young

Chinese style scrambled egg with onions, spring onions and beansprouts

* Thai Green Curry

Signature Thai flavour of green curry with lemongrass, lime, coconuts, coriander & plenty of chilli

* Thai Red Curry

Signature Thai flavour of red curry with lemongrass, lime, coconuts, coriander & plenty of chilli